About the bursary:

Pindulo VDM (Pty) Ltd wishes to empower a student by assisting them financially toward their tertiary education.

We would like to support this student by contributing toward their tuition fees and/or applicable ancillary cost which will be concluded in a formal Bursary agreement.

The bursary is open to current and prospective students.

This will be a full time bursary, valid for each successful year of study.

The successful candidate secure themselves employment with Pindulo VDM upon successful completion of their studies, however this is not a condition to receiving the bursary.


Fields of Study:

Although preference will be given to study areas that aligns with Pindulo’s business, no study programs are expressly excluded.

Typical qualifications that will be keenly considered are Engineering, Accounting, Logistics and Information technology.

Application Process:

Please submit the following documentation to our HR department at info@logisticsacademy.co.za  by no later than Friday, 19 August 2022.

  • Latest available academic record (If currently in Matric, learner can include final Gr10 and Gr11 results along with a referral letter from a teacher at the school)
  • Acceptance letter for study at a recognised academic institution for the 2022/23 academic year (if available)
  • Current university students may also apply with copies of academic transcripts being submitted and proof of enrolment at the university
  • Copy of ID
  • An essay containing the following:
    • COMPETENCIES (Current academic, developed abilities and significant learnings, areas for development)
    • CAREER CHOICE (Objectives, job description, rationale for career choice, growth plan in relation to Pindulo VDM and the greater supply chain industry)

Eligible Criteria:

Preference will be given to:

students from the West coast and surrounding areas

students from historically disadvantage backgrounds

The evaluation criteria will be determined by Pindulo in its sole discretion. Any successful bursary application will be subject to the conclusion of a written agreement between the parties.